The Southern Part of India has been reeling under drought for consecutive years. This page provides links to the coverage of the drought in the Press.

The Hindu

Dry days: A seven part series on water scarcity in South India by The Hindu

The New Indian Express

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana

Apocalypse Now: Here is the real picture of drought in Andhra Pradesh

Hard hit by drought, villages in Andhra’s Anantapur become ghost towns


Kerala braces to battle deadly drought

Kerala’s creeping drought: Somebody save pallams from these saviours


For the past 16 days, no water in Vijayapura in Karnataka

Tamil Nadu

Never been as bad as this, lament people on drought in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu down to dregs as vicious drought tightens noose

Five-pot water wagon is drought mobile in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram

Tamil Nadu drought-hit areas’ solitary bloom: Leaked water

Hit by drought, Tamil Nadu farmers turn to technology for saving crops

Hindustan Times

Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka droughts: The looming water crisis in South India

Cattle in Karnataka on the brink of starvation as water bodies dry up, fodder supply falls

In Tamil Nadu, debt more than drought is driving farmers to commit suicide

Drought is a reality in Tamil Nadu. But no one seems to be taking it seriously


Avik Saha and Yogendra Yadav, Parched in Tamil Nadu’s rice bowl, The Hindu Businessline, May 19, 2017.