State of Rural and Agrarian India Report 2020 – Rethinking Productivity and Populism Through Alternative Approaches‘ is an attempt to provide a comprehensive and critical overview of the state of contemporary rural India. It focuses on the key structural factors, especially policies and trends, that have marked rural India’s economic and ecological conditions. Through this report we wish to share alternative ideas, paradigms and methodologies to address these entrenched problems and challenges. We hope the range of stakeholders—farmers, rural citizens, elected representatives, gram panchayat members, policy-makers, academics, students and interested members of the public, including farmer organisations and civil society networks, will engage with the ideas and suggestions. There is an urgent need to address the extant erasure of rural livelihoods, depletion of natural resources and the pauperization of rural citizens, which misplaced policies and outdated ideas continue to perpetuate. The key questions and the following responses in this report seek to provide some pathways towards new alternatives.

The Report was released on 30th November 2020 as part of Panel Discussion. If yo missed the Discussion you can catch it below:

Press Note on the Panel Discussion: English, Hindi

The Report can be downloaded here.